Don’t Buy a Server Ever Again!

by admin

Don’t spend $15k – $20k or more on a server solution that will hold your business back and increase capital expenditure! 

Did you know our clients typically save 60-75% on their initial investment, and many reduce their monthly costs?

A cloud solution is ideal for your company if:

  1. Your current server is at the end of its lifecycle (around 5 years old)
  2. Your growing company is taxing your servers’ capabilities or storage space is becoming an issue with your current server
  3. You are looking for a better way to support employees working remotely (from home, a new office, or at client sites).

According to remote work statistics, approximately 34% of workers say they will look for a new job if they are required to return to the office.

Most business applications can easily migrate to a serverless, cloud deployment. In this solution you pay for the services you use, not for server hardware and support.

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