Technical Service Rates and Usage Guide

While many types of support are included in Think Unified’s Managed Service Agreements, there are several types of technical services that are not covered by any agreement type.  There are also some customers that engage with Think Unified to support some elements of their environment via agreement but may ask us to support other elements of their environment on a billable basis. 

Items not covered by any agreement type: 

  • Deployments of new hardware or software solutions 
  • Office moves 
  • Major reconfigurations of current environments  
  • After-hours work for end-user devices – server and network infrastructure are covered 


  • $175 per hour


  • Covered for MSP contract customers at sites with an active agreement within the Think Unified coverage area.  The Think Unified coverage area is within 60 miles of a Think Unified office.   
  • For non-agreement customers or for an agreement customer’s site outside the Think Unified service area, travel time to the customer’s site will be billed using the “Travel to” work type.   
    • If overnight travel or airfare is required, travel arrangements will be discussed internally before engaging in the work. They will either be quoted to the customer or included as an “at cost” line item on the customer quote.   
    • In many cases, remote work requiring overnight travel will be handled by a subcontractor near the remote location, and the customer will be billed for the subcontractor’s time.  If Think Unified engineers are also working on the project remotely, their time needs to be quoted.   
    • If a trip of more than 2 hours each way is required, it should be discussed with management, and pricing specific to the situation will be developed for presentation to the customer.   

Worktype Usage in ConnectWise

WorktypeUsageBillHourly RateMin Hrs
Support – RemoteRegular support delivered remotelyY$175.25
Support – OnsiteRegular support delivered onsiteY$1751
Support – ProactivePreventative maint, documentation, BU testingY$175.25
Travel toTravelling to the client siteY$150.5
Travel fromTravel from the client siteN$0.25.
ProjectWork not covered by an agreement Y$175.25
Strategic PlanningPrepping for or conducting a QBRY$225.25
After-hours – OnsiteSupport for a customer outside 8-5 M-F (onsite)Y$2502
After-hours – RemoteSupport for a customer outside 8-5 M-F (remote)Y$250.25