Things SMB’s Need to Understand About Cybersecurity

by admin

  1. Your passwords are not as good as you think they are. 

They might be your weakest link in security.  Passwords are the keys that prevent outsiders from accessing your private information and business data.   The more complicated the password, the harder it will be for hackers to crack.  Hackers are good.  They can crack an 8-digit password in just over a half hour.  You can keep everything a great deal safer by using Multi-Factor Authentication. 

  1. Hackers are not interested in my business; I am too small.   

Wrong!  Cyber attacks happen EVERY MINUTE of every day.  About 50% are pointed at SMB’s where they look for a way to get into your systems.  Cybercrime can cost your business its existence.  Most SMB’s that are attacked successfully shut down within six months.  Something to think about. 

  1. Cyberattacks always come from outside your organization. 

NOT TRUE.  While you undoubtedly trust your employees and handle your company’s most sensitive information, people make mistakes.  Sometimes employees unwittingly leave an opening for hackers to get into your systems. Or, worse yet, they can access your systems from outside and share whatever data they choose.  Think Unified is an expert at providing protection wherever an employee accesses from. 

  1. You have Antivirus Software for Protection, so you are good to go. 

Well, sort of.   Your company probably has several layers of security, including firewalls and antivirus software.  The trouble is this is only part of the puzzle, and you need several other pieces to complete your protection scheme.  Think Unified can provide a customized security plan for your business (and yes, it will include anti-virus software). 

  1. The IT guys have security covered for me. 

Another misconception that needs to be revisited.  Human error (think employees using your systems daily) is responsible for over 90% of security breaches.  This means they can be another weak link in your business’s security chain.  Training should be provided to all employees to make it stronger so they know how to use your systems appropriately. 

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