Prepare for the worst!

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services are a vital part of any company’s security strategy. You need to safeguard and defend your business, and the best way is to develop an IT disaster recovery plan which should include daily data verification.

Having an up-to-date disaster recovery plan with an adequate solution is critical for maintaining business continuity. Merely ensuring your data and systems are backed up is not enough. An effective disaster recovery plan starts by planning the recovery. Think Unified will help you determine your needed Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objective.

It will be too late to think about a disaster recovery plan after it strikes. Don’t wait for a disaster to realize your business is in peril. Let our experts guide you through identifying critical business workflows and ensuring your DR plan provides adequate continuity by testing annually so issues can be resolved before they threaten your business.

Plan for unexpected issues: They happen to everyone and can happen anytime. Whether you are faced with a natural disaster, a cyber-attack, or a simple hardware failure, you need a DR plan that enables your workforce to resume operations before it harms your business.
After learning about your business from you, we will develop a DR plan specific to your needs. It will ensure business continuity and data protection strategies. Think Unified -we keep you Working, Connected, and Protected.

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