The Truth about Email

Cyberattacks delivered via email can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. Email attacks, the most common form of cyberattack, aim to get users to take any action that can harm your business. Three of the most prevalent (and dangerous) attack methods are described below.
• Credential phishing. The attacker sends an email with a malicious link to get users to enter their email or network credentials. After stealing the credentials, the attacker will either take over the user’s mailbox or attempt to gain access to the user’s network.
• Malicious attachment. The attachment is designed to install malware that encrypts and steals your data.
• Business Email Compromise (BEC). An attacker has control of a valid mailbox and can read mail and respond as though they are the correct user. The attacker typically uses this access to directly obtain funds from the victim, either by redirecting a payment or delivering an illegitimate invoice.
Email protection combines several different strategies.
• Stop the attacks from getting to your users via advanced phishing and spam protection
• Protect data via Office 365 backup services
• Monitor for exploits on the Dark Web
• Secure logins via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
• Improve employee knowledge through security awareness training for your team
Unlike other MSPs, Think Unified provides a customized email security solution for your business. We study your needs and design a solution to improve your email security via defense, monitoring, and employee education. We will also provide data recovery and backup services for your data in an unforeseen breach.
Key Benefits from Think Unified Email Security Solutions
• Advanced threat protection from email spam and phishing attacks to keep your inbox free of junk mail, offering digests of detected spam at customizable intervals
• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution to limit email access only to those who are supposed to have it
• Dark Web Monitoring to inform you if anyone in your system has been compromised, which could lead to a breach through your email system

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