Our Network Security Solutions Keep Your Business Data Safe

Dallas has one of the highest demands in the nation for cyber security professionals – and it’s growing at a rapid pace. But, with ransomware and malware attacks increasing each day, your Dallas business can’t afford to have an unsecured network. With Think Unified’s all-inclusive managed services, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your computers again.

Our experienced technicians and 24/7 network monitoring allow your business to run each day seamlessly, meaning your employees aren’t constantly being held up by network downtime and unforeseen issues. Plus, with our advanced anti-malware and anti-virus technology, your business will never be left in the hands of a hacker!

Think Unified Protects Your Small Business With:

  • Proactive 24/7 Monitoring- Unlike other companies, our team at Think Unified doesn’t wait around for something to break and fix it; we proactively monitor your network to ensure that it is running smoothly at all hours.
  • Friendly, Experienced Technicians- With over 30 years in the IT business world, Think Unified hires only the best and most experienced techs to service your Dallas business and keep all of your data backed up. Our helpful technicians are here to assist you with any computer problem you may have.
  • Data Backup- As the owner of a small business, you may find yourself asking, “What is BDR, and why do I need it?” The most straightforward answer is, data backup and disaster recovery solutions are designed to work together to ensure uptime, lessen data loss, and maximize productivity during an attack, natural disaster, or other compromising situation. Here at Think Unified, we handle this for you, meaning you never have to worry about data loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Firewalls- With cybercrime on the rise, firewall management and protection for your business is a necessity. Our firewall management service provides 24/7 firewall administration, log monitoring, and response to security and device health events.
  • Consulting and Training– Have questions on how new equipment could benefit your business? Need help explaining network safety to your employees? We can do this for you! Our techs will consult with you on your needs. Our team will train your employees to use their computer equipment, teach them the dangers of email phishing, and raise awareness for hacking schemes.
  • Superior Security Products– With our advanced Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware products, we guarantee that you’ll never be left worrying about the security of your network and computers.